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Roof deck performance can have a strong effect on the performance of your roofing shingles. The objectives of this Rochester roofing blog are; 1. to help you understand how the building design, deck construction and deck materials affect the entire roofing system and the warranties on the roofing products, and 2. To be able to identify deck related problems.

When roofing in Rochester NY, a roof deck is the structural surface that you are going to install your roofing system over. The roof deck should be a smooth, solid surface and must be strong enough to:

·      Support the roofing material and workers

·      Hold heavy uniform loads like snow/ice

·      Anchor nails properly

·      Resist heavy wind force when fastened properly

If you apply a new shingle roof over a roof deck surface that is unacceptable to the shingle manufacturer and damage occurs the warranty might not cover the damages. Acceptable decking’s are exterior plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) which we recommend a minimum of 7/16 thickness, and COM-PLY. These roof deck materials have proven to stand effective over time. These decks are acceptable for direct application of asphalt shingles over them. Various wood boards are acceptable roofing decks by manufacturers, but these can sometimes expand and shrink more than an asphalt shingle can take, causing cracking, splitting, or buckling of the shingles.

To prevent any buckling of your new roof or roofing deck, make sure your deck is properly ventilated. Proper roofing ventilation between the underside of the roof deck and the attic insulation is ¾ space between the deck and the insulation from peak to fascia is required by most shingle manufacturers. Also make sure you allow 1/8” between OSB and plywood sheeting for swelling and shrinking. If new roof deck sheeting is to be installed make sure to install nail fasteners every 6” on the rafters and sheeting end seams. 

Now that we have identified what a roofing deck is and what an acceptable roof deck is to a shingle manufacturer, let’s discuss how to identify deck related problems.

·      Upward buckling/splitting of shingles – seams of sheeting or boards can become unfastened and warp upward actually tearing through roofing material.

·      Sagging/dips – water intrusion or attic space moisture can weaken the structural integrity of any roofing deck

·      Mold, mildew – inside the bottom of roof deck rafters. Improperly vented roof decks can result in high moisture and temperatures which easily breed mold and mildew in attic spaces. 

The best roofer in Rochester NY, Ron Ferris and Son, prefers to gain entry to the attic space of potential roofing. It allows us to assess your roofing ventilation system and get a better feel for the condition of the existing roof deck.

For more tips or Rochester NY roofing visit us at or call us today at 585-750-6757 or request a free estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!


Roof Inspections Rochester NY – DIY Inspecting


Your roof is one of your greatest assets. In the flowing months we will be writing several articles to help educate homeowners on roofing repairs in Rochester NY. We will provide you with information to determine whether or not it is past the point of repair, and the necessary instructions to successfully perform various roof repairs. Today let’s discuss how to perform a thorough DIY roof inspection to assess any further actions.

1.     If you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder grab a pair of binoculars and look for the following,

·      Sagging – this could indicate our roofing deck is rotting or wet

·      Damaged shingles

·      Blistered, curled, cracked shingles

·      Nail pops

·      Uneven color fading or shingle wear

·      Flashings and pipe boots

·      Valley areas

·      Around skylights, or box vents

If you are comfortable climbing a ladder check for an excessive amount of roofing granules. This could mean your roof may be in need of professional inspection by a roofing contractor.

2.     Check your attic/crawl space;

·      Check for water stains or mold on the roof decking and rafters

·      Check for wet insulation

·      Check for rusted nails

All of these can be an indication of a roof leak that you never knew existed. This moisture could also be from improper roofing ventilation, but more so if the symptoms are deck, rafter staining, and nail rust. Water stains on the roof decking with a wet area underneath are more likely a roof leak.

3.     Safety first

Regular inspection of you roof can help find problems early, avoiding expensive roof replacements. However, any form of roofing is dangerous and you can actually damage your existing roof. You can step in a valley and disturb the waterproofing underlayment or “scan” the face of shingles walking on them in extreme heat. Call a roofer in Rochester NY to provide you with a roofing inspection if you think you have a problem, but want an experienced eye to help determine whether or not it is a problem and want action taken. At Ron Ferris and Son roofing services in Rochester NY we can inspect your roof and provide comprehensive roofing solutions. For more roofing services visit or call us today at 585-750-6757 or request a free estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!

Roofing Skylights – Roofing Rochester NY


Where there is light there is life. Natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives and living environment. Roofing skylights provide this natural light in your living spaces. When positioned above existing windows skylights make the space feel more open and reduce glare. They should be placed strategically to allow for solar heat gain and optimum natural ventilation, and different types of skylights should be used for north and south facing installations. 

Any reputable roofing company in Rochester NY will tell you Velux USA offers the best performance skylight on the market. Their new NO LEAK SKYLIGHT system boasts a 10-year labor warranty, 20-year glass warranty, and 5 years on blinds and controls. Features are;

·      2 layers of water protection

·      Advanced LoE3 glass = better energy efficiency 

·      Higher visible light transmittance

·      Improved solar heat gain performance

·      Money saving pre-finished white frames/sashes

·      Lower roof profile

·      Updated architectural design, neutral gray color

Velux USA skylights come in a variety of options:

Fixed Skylight – low profile, no leak skylight

Manual Venting Skylight – Low profile, no leak skylight that can be opened manually for natural ventilation

Electric Venting Skylight – Low profile no leaky skylight that can be opened by 4 remote  control once hand-wired by an electrician. Rain sensors allow skylights to close automatically should you forget to close them. This type also promotes natural ventilation when open.

Sun Tunnel – Pitches flashing allows for optimum light gathering way to add natural light to any space of your home with energy0efficient natural light. A low profile compact dome is installed on your roof deck and a reflective tubing system emits light through a 10” or 14” diffuser in the ceiling of your choice. These are perfect for second story halls and bathrooms with attic spaces above. 

There are two options for mounting systems of roofing skylights:

Deck Mounted Skylights- Which mounts directly to the roofing deck. This type of mounting system works best on roofing – roofs with a roof pitch of 3/12 or greater.

Curb Mounted Skylight – For low slope or flat roofing with a pitch of 0/12, a curb mounted skylight is recommended to elevate the skylight from the roofs surface.

Velux USA also offers a Deck Mounting Roofing Window, which is more of a traditional window they feature with a select wood frame and sash and aluminum or copper exterior finishes. They also open to a 45 degree angle to satisfy requirement for emergency escape and rescue.

All flashing kits are pre-bent and interior weave with your asphalt roofing shingles for proper water drainage. Manual and power custom colored blinds are available for all skylights and a variety of accessories like remotes, wall mounted keypad controls, and motorized telescoping rods for manual venting skylights.

At Ron Ferris and Son we are your Rochester NY Roofing experts and we can personally testify after hundreds of roofing skylight installations that Velux USA is above and beyond the best in innovative design and proven performance. If you are interested in a free estimate on a roofing skylight for your new roof, or on your existing roof, call us today at 585-750-6757 or request a free estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!

Roofing Rochester NY – How to Estimate Roofing Materials

A massive amount of time in the maintenance of assets whether home or commercial property. Whether you are building a new construction roof, or re-roofing an older home, getting involved despite the help of a roofing company always pays off.  If you are someone who prefers the hands-on approach when dealing with roofing contractors learning how to estimate roofing materials is imperative. Be ready to figure the necessary amounts of the following materials; shingles, nails, underlayment’s, starter strips, drip edge, hip and ridge caps, ventilation, flashing, and accessories like caulk or paint for any pipes to match the roofing shingles. 

Roofs come in many different shapes such as rectangles, squares, triangles, and trapezoids, Based on calculations derived from the dimensions of the roof, rough estimates can be made as to the amount of materials needed

1.     Calculate Roof Area – How many shingles? You need to measure lengths and width of each roof’s segments (or sections). Once you have done this, multiply the length by the width to obtain the area of each section. Now add up all the sections for a total. Divide your total square footage by 100 and this will tell you how many squares of asphalt roofing shingles you need. You would be smart to add 10% for waste, 15% if your roof has dormers, or valleys.

2.     Waterproofing Underlayment – At Ron Ferris and Son we install a minimum of 6 feet high of ice/water shield sections and multiply that times 2. Then ass the length of any valleys or dormers. If you have any skylights, chimneys, or bathroom pipes it is wise to install ice/water shield around these. Add all of these together and you will know how many feel of waterproofing underlayment you need. 

3.     Starter Shingle – Add the lengths of all roof sections together to determine how much starter shingle you need. 

4.     Synthetic Underlayment – Take the total square footage and subtract any areas that will be covered by waterproofing underlayment such as ice/water shield.

5.     Drip Edge- Add the linear total of lengths and widths of all roofing sections. This will tell you how many total feet of drip edge you need. Aluminum drip edge comes in 10 ft pieces. 

6.     Hip / Ridge Caps – Add the linear lengths of any peaks or ridges to determine how many feet of hips you will need. Some shingle manufacturers shingle hips cover 30.

7.     Ventilation – Ventilation is figured at one foot per 300 squares off attic floor space.

8.     Nails – We install 6 nails per shingle at Ron Ferris and Son. This would mean you need 480 nails per square. The nail should be long enough to penetrate ¾ inch into the roof.

Don’t forget your accessories like flashing, or pipe boots. You may want to buy spray paint and paint any pipe to match your new roof. Figuring out hot to estimate roofing materials will help you greatly when working with roofing contractors in Rochester NY. Give your Rochester Roofing specialist a call today for help at 585-750-6757 or request a free estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!

Common Roofing Installation Mistakes – Roofing Services Rochester NY

As a roofing contractor in Rochester NY, I am often called out to solve roof leaks. Surprisingly, we find more often than not it is a mistake made during the installation or “design” of a roof, than a manufacturer defect or wear and tear issue. Now this must be taken with a grain of salt. If you have a roof that is 20 – 30 years old, it may just be worn out. In this Rochester NY roofing blog, we will discuss many of the installation mistakes we come across performing roofing services

1.     Improperly fastened roof decking – can curl or swell the edges and buckle or curl shingles. This movement can also cause nails to work back out the decking and puncture through the shingles. Once this happens the damaged shingles should be replaced.

2.     Improper shingle nailing – if shingles are not fastened properly with the right amount of fasteners, it is likely your roof may experience wind damage. Too few fasteners are “over-driven” placed too high will not give your roof the fastening guidelines for each different shingle manufacturer. Make sure to storm nail (6nails) all shingles in high wind areas or on roofs steeper than 10/12 pitch.

3.     Improper roof design – as beautiful as modern architecture has become, some of it simply is not functional. Chimneys that block the flow of water with no “cricket” behind the flow of water, bad dormer locations, valleys that drain against sidewalks, bathroom vent pipes in a valley area are just a few examples of improper roof designs. Not much can be done to change the design, but special attention should be paid to using waterproofing membrane as an underlayment in these areas. 

4.     Improper roof flashing installation – another common problem found in roofing services is improper flashing installation. We see this on dormers, bathrooms, vents, skylights, and chimneys all the time. Flashing should be installed in line with the top of the shingle course being installed and extended down to the “tar strip” overlapping the top of the previous course flashing and shingle. Counter flashing should always be bent on a brake to allow for clean, L-shaped bends to allow flashing to conform to the 90-degree transition from roof to chimney. 

5.     Improper materials – all to often we are called out to a flat roof in Rochester NY to find shingles have been applied. The minimum approved slope for any ice/water shield is 2/12, so don’t be fooled by the roofing contractor in Rochester NY who says it is okay to install shingles on a flat or low slope roof, if you use ice/water shield on the entire deck.

6.     Improper valley installation – I am surprised by how many roofers in Rochester NY and shingle manufacturers only suggest putting ice/water shield in the valley areas. Most waterproofing membrane warranties are not even half that of a 50 year shingle. Fifty-year shingles over a 10-year valley is not a good idea. Roofing specialists, Ron Ferris and Son install a 12”wide pre-bent aluminum flashing in the valley along with ice/water shield to make your valleys last as long as your shingles.

7.     Roofing mounted upgrade – many roof leaks in Rochester NY can be cause by homeowners and service contractors, satellite dishes, skylights and roof vents can cause a lot of problems if installed haphazardly. 

8.     Improperly vented attic space – all to often we see improperly vented attic spaces can cause. From prematurely worn roofing materials to mold ridden roof decking, rafters and attic insulation. Proper ventilation is imperative for getting optimum performance from your roof, roof deck, and comfortable living. 

9.     Vertical racking of architectural shingles – can cause an objectionable pattern to appear. If this occurs and vertical racking method was used for installation the manufacturer will most likely void warranty. 

There are many other mistakes we encounter daily as we work on roofer, there are just a few. When choosing a roofing contractor in Rochester NY call the professionals for a guaranteed job. Call the professionals today at 585-750-6757 or request a free estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!roofing services rochester ny

Certified Roofers In Rochester NY

Siding Contractor Rochester NYWhen you have a new roof installed by a certified roofing company, you can expect to deal with a company and employees who have furthered their education and credentials as a Rochester NY roofing company. They are usually factory trained and certified allowing them to provide extended warranties and giving homeowners the peace of mind that expert applicators are at work.

When considering certified roofers in Rochester NY, remember that not all certified roofing companies or warranties are the same. You need to make sure yourcertified roofer has current liability insurance and workman’s compensation for roofing. Ask for credentials, references, and photos of recently completed work.

While asphalt roofing shingle warranties are often considered standard, there can be significant differences in warranty coverage’s between manufacturers of similar roofing shingles. Perhaps, the most important difference is that some warranties only cover the cost of the materials, not the labor needed to remove the old roofing, or any charges for disposal. Algae resistant warranties, “gleocapsa magma”, or dark stains produced by algae growth have begun leaving dark streaks and staining your roof. Make sure you look for shingle manufacturers with an algae-resistant coverage in their warranty.

Please remember most importantly if you want a good roof from a certified contractor with a quality lifetime warranty, you must be willing to pay for quality. Sure, there will always be a cheaper price, but you will probably find improper installation, poor quality materials, improperly insured workers and limited or no warranty.

At Ron Ferris and Son we have been a Rochester NY roofing company since 1979. We are factory trained and certified by CertainTeed to sell Integrity Roofing Systems and 50 year non-prorated lifetime warranty’s. This warranty includes materials and labor of new roof, tear off of old roof, and disposal fees. It also includes their “streak fighter” 10-year algae resistance warranty.

Keep in mind that like anything else all manufacturers certifications programs are not the same. You may want to steer clear of brands like GAF who require their contractors to pay a fee to get “certified” or have quotes to meet warranties “sold.”

At Ron Ferris and Son, every employee and owner have been through a comprehensive training and testing (including on-site) course. We did not pay a fee for them! The cost of your lifetime warranty is already built into the cost of your new roofing system. There is never an extra fee for your 50 year non-prorated, transferable warranty, or the need to pay for a higher level of warranty to properly protect you. CertainTeed does not care if we sell 1 or 1000 lifetime warranties, they care about having their products installed by roofing specialists who have been properly trained and tested by them. Call the professionals today at 585-750-6757 or request afree estimate online and we will assess the best option to suit your specific roofing needs!