Roofing Snow And Ice Removal Rochester NY

Getting your Rochester NY roofing ready for winter snow and ice should be at the top of your to do list. This doesn’t require much effort  and can save you major headaches and damage caused by roof leaks.
   If you are a do it yourself type head to your local hardware store and purchase a ladder and snow rake.  Always make sure your ladder is on dry, level ground before you attempt to perform roof snow and ice removal in Rochester NY. Remember safety first as removing snow from a roof is very dangerous.
       Your best bet is to make arrangements with a roofing company in Penfield  NY like RFS to clear the snow from your roof during heavy snow storms. Our team can clear the eaves of your roof as well as around dormers and valleys. We will install channels in the ice dams to help prevent water from backing up under roofing shingles and causing water damage.
      Roofing Rochester NY endures harsh weather from heavy rains and wind to snowstorms. During the winter months new roofs in Rochester NY receive an even worse punishment than summer. With the expansion and contraction caused by living space heat and vapor loss hitting cold roofing deck surfaces, a shingle’s durability is really put to the test.
      That is why it is extremely important to properly insulate living spaces below the roofline and ventilate attic spaces with ridgevents. Combined with soffit vents your attic and roof deck can reach a cooler temp preventing the formation of ice damming. Not only does proper roofing ventilation help prevent ice dams and prolong the life of your roof, but roofing shingle manufacturers will not honor any warranty claims with inadequate roofing ventilation.
         Rochester NY roofing contractor, RFS will include all the required systems with your new lifetime roof to ensure your warranty is valid and within  guidelines for the duration of the shingles life. If you wish to, our owner Ron Ferris will meet with you to assess your current roofing and ventilation system to make sure you are protected when Rochester winter hits.
        If you need roof shoveling Rochester NY call us now! We are there when you need us to clear the snow snd ice from your roof fast. We will clear all icicles from your gutters and use use sodium chloride tabs to melt channels through thick ice. Don’t let ice damming cause water to back up under your roofing and damage your homes interior. 
     We perform roofing snow and ice removal without damaging your roofing materials. Our factory trained roofers are fully insured and members of the BBB. We are here for all your roofing snow and ice removal needs @ 288-0895 or online


Roof Shoveling Rochester NY – Roof Snow and Ice Removal

Our roofers perform roof shoveling in Rochester NY. Our team of factory certified roofers will remove all of the snow and ice from your roof eaves down to 1/8″ of the asphalt roofing shingles. When we remove snow and ice from your roof in Rochester NY, it will prevent ice dams from forming without damaging the surface of the roofing granules. Most of the time we only have to remove 3-6 feet from the roof edge on the immediate eaves and overhangs, but sometimes it is necessary to clear the entire roof. This would be the case on a low slope or flatroof Rochester NY. When we perform snow and ice removal services in Rochester NY we always shovel roofs downward. This downward motion is important because you never want to go upward and get under the roofing shingles and disturb the adhesive seal or damage the architectural roofing shingles. We have seen this before when homeowners try to remove snow and ice from roof your roof in Fairport and Victor NY or hire inexperienced roofing contractors.

At RFS we always make sure to snow rake around dormers, valleys and pipe flashings. Our goal is to clear any areas where a freeze will occur over night after a rapid thaw. This thaw can be caused by the heat of the sun mixed with heat loss from your home’s interior living space. A couple of days of this and ice damming in Rochester NY will occur allowing water to back up under your shingles and roofing underlayment. At this point interior water damage and wet, moldy insulation becomes a risk.

Prevent damage caused by roofing snow and ice! Your insurance company and roofing shingle manufacturer recommend removing snow and ice from roofs in Irondequoit NY after 2-3″ has accumulated. Many insurance companies will pay for roof shoveling services as well so check your policy.

Here in Rochester NY that kind of snowfall can happen in hours, so you want to make sure you have the best roofer in Monroe County you can count on in a moments notice.

We also offer seasonal packages for roof shoveling in Wayne County NY. Our Wayne County roofing contractor will keep your roof clear of snow and ice with sodium chlorite tablets which will melt through the thick ice allowing us to remove any existing layers.

At RFS we also remove all icicles hanging from your home’s gutters RFS and downspouts. We can then apply sodium chloride pellets to your seamless gutters Rochester NY to clear any ice in the gutter.

For over 30 years we have been roofing Rochester NY. We perform quick snow and ice removal from your roof. If you wish our owner will meet with you directly to offer a solution that would help ice dams. Ron recommends adequate roofing ventilation from eaves to ridges to promote a more even “cool” roof deck temperature and ice/water shield waterproofing underlayment should water ever back up. 

Call the pros today to schedule a roof shoveling in Rochester, Penfield, Webster, Fairport,Victor or Brighton. Our team is there to help when you need us @ 585-288-0895 or

Roofing Contractor Monroe County

Roofing Monroe County NY is right in our backyard. As a premiere roofing company in Victor NY we install new roofs using only the highest quality roofing materials in Rochester NY and install six nails per shingle to ensure long lasting roofing systems.

A lot of roof repairs in Rochester NY are commonly necessary because of improper roofing installations and low quality materials. Most of the time it is the components of the roof that require more skill that we find errors.

·      Roof valleys

·      Chimney flashings

·      Pipe flashings

·      Dormers

It is important to make sure that your roofing contractor Rochester NY pays attention to all of the details during installation of your new roof in Irondequoit NY. Your roofer should also be factory trained and certified so they are familiar with the installation processes necessary to follow the asphalt shingle manufacturers warranty. The pros at RFS are a Certainteed Shingle Master Company and our installers hold some of the highest credentials in the roofing industry. Once a new roof is installed improperly it may require a roofing tear off in Webster NY to install new or proper roof flashings and waterproof underlayments.

When you hire our roofing specialists, you will be assured the highest quality installations with the industry’s leading roofing products and warranties provided by the 106 year old Certainteed shingle manufacturing corporation. Many of our online competitors boast the same quality as us but fall short when it comes time to deliver. You may get the same materials but the installation is more important than just the materials. We adhere to a strict training and testing required to be credentialed as a Shingle Master Company. Get the best roofing company in Rochester NY.

We urge you as homeowners to take advantage of the online roofing resources Ron Ferris and Son have provided you. You can then perform your due diligence and understand a reroof, product and installation procedures. We understand you may have had a bad experience with a roofer in Wayne County NY or have heard a horror story from a friend or neighbor. RFS we take care of everything during your new roof in Pittsford NY to make sure the job goes exactly the way we planned it and you get exactly the roofing services you were promised. Why take a chance, call the pros at RFS today!

RFS has been a roofing contractor in Monroe County for over 30years. We have one of the best roofing crews in Rochester NY.  We install roofs quickly and with a skill level unparalleled by our competition. Our promise to you is to bring all of this experience and roofing expertise to your roof and perform a higher level of roofing than you will find anywhere else. We always make sure our crew and homeowner are protected with full workers compensation and liability for roofing in Rochester NY. Many roofers in Rochester NY will carry a general policy that does not include roofing because proper roofing insurance is very expensive.

Our owner Ron Ferris looks forward to personally meeting with you on your next roofing project. We are always here to answer your phone calls or emails if you have any questions about our Rochester NY roofing services. So call today @ 585-288-0895 or request a free roofing estimate online at