Spring Roofing FAQ’s

Q: Can I repair my old roof or does it need to be replaced?
A: A leaking roof should be addressed immediately but does not always call for a complete replacement. Repairs can be performed to stop leaks, but multiple leaks, blow offs and widespread issues will almost certainly require replacement.

Q: Should I have my old roof removed before installing a new roof?
A: If your home only has one layer of shingles, a reroof may be possible. If you have more than one existing layer of roofing or cedar shake shingles then a tear off is required to adhere to local building codes and warranty standards. Problems with roof decking and roof flashings will not be addressed with a reroof and could lead to future problems or premature failure of your new roof. Roofing experts estimate that the life of your new roof can be reduce by up to 20% if installed over a pre existing roof.

Q: What is the best roofing material to use on my house?
A: There are so many high quality residential roofing products available from asphalt roofing shingles to stone coated steel shingles. While each carry their own advantages over the other both are capable of increase your home’s curb appeal and providing long term durability if installed properly. Consumers should also keep in mind the strength of the product warranty when choosing a roofing material.

Q: Why did my roofing contractor tell me my porch is too flat for shingles?
A: Roofing manufacturers and municipal building codes will allow for the installation of asphalt shingles on roofs with a pitch as low as 2  1/2: 12( 11 degrees) of slope. However, a qualified roofer with your best interests in mind will not recommend shingles for any area with a slope less than 4: 12( 18 degrees). Asphalt roofing systems are only effective at shedding water,they are not effective  at withstanding ” pooling” water. Gravity and roof slope are essential for shingles to work properly.

Q:I have several roofing estimates, why do they vary so much in price?
A: There are several factors that will determine what price your contractor presents you with. Everything from the materials they use, the insurance they do or don’t carry, whether they use sub contractors and have commissioned salesman. If you have one estimate that seems to good to be true, it probably is. Most low bid roofers are uninsured and follow substandard installation practices.

Q: My roof was installed this winter, was it too cold for them to due a good job?
A: Asphalt roofing manufacturers have no predetermined standards regulating what temperature is too cold to install a new roof. To ensure a better installation as your contractor to store the materials in a heated area and only bring enough to complete each day’s work. Also request that they hand nail the fasteners when applying the shingles and use 6 nails per shingle. This technique is known as ” storm” nailing and will protect against blow offs until warmer weather can activate the sealing strips.

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Roofing Rochester NY after the winter storm of 2017

Our last winter storm saw wind gusts reaching over 80 miles an hour and several days of heavy, sustained winds leaving many Rochester area homeowners with damage to their roofs. We have seen everything from minor shingle blow offs to entire sections of asphalt roofing shingles and underlayment blown off. Local roofing contractors have been working diligently to help homeowners secure their homes and prevent further damage from occurring. When considering a roofing company be sure to select a longstanding company who is properly insured and has a history of quality workmanship in your community.

Above all else, make sure you have a written contract in place before any work is to commence on your roof replacement. This should never be overlooked as it is the only protecting both you and your roofer. The days of informal contractor dealings are long gone. A contract should never be looked at as a trust issue by either party but rather a clear, written scope of :

  • The work to be performed
  • The materials to be used
  • The shingle/ workmanship warranty
  • The terms of payment

What if you verbally agree upon a certain price with your roofing company with no contract and they tell you after beginning the removal of the old roof, that there is more layers then they thought. They tell you it is going to be an extra 2,000.00!  They are demanding more money for an extra layer but you already agreed verbally upon a price. Or what if they agree to use a specific roofing product, but does not. Having a detailed agreement in place would have saved a lot of headaches and possibly money.

As you can see, having a clear, written contract in place is the only way to hire a roofing professional. Make sure the names of both parties involved as well as the physical site of work to be performed are clearly listed. The scope of all roofing work including products used, layers of roofing removed, job site clean up, etc should also be included. All warranties for both workmanship and roofing shingles should be in writing and a copy of the contractor’s liability and workman’s comp insurance should be obtained. How the roof is being paid for and when the payment is due need to be very clear as well.

A lot more goes into a deal than a handshake when you are installing a new roof. If all the details are itemized, the job will continue to move ahead smoothly should  a problem arise. Since 1979, Ron Ferris and Son Roofing has helped thousands of homeowners repair and replace their roofs! Call us today at (585)288-0895 to find out how easy getting a new roof can be.