Roof Pitch and How To Choose The Proper Roofing Materials

When choosing a roofing material to replace your existing roof you have a variety of options: composite, asphalt, wood, slate, metal, rubber, roll roofing, etc. But the roofing material that is right for your specific application can definitely be affected by one major factor, the roof pitch. For example, you may think you want asphalt roofing shingles but if the pitch( or slope) of your roof is too low you may be forced to use roll roofing. Roofing pitch by definition is the sloped or angle of your roof.

Roof pitch is designated by two numbers divided by a slash or colon. Whether a slash or a colon is used, these numbers represent a ratio such as 2:12 or 10/12. The first number (numerator) represents the vertical height while the second number (denominator) represents the horizontal length. For roofing purposes the denominator will always be 12 to make things easier mathematically. For example: a roof pitch of 10/12 means that for every 12 horizontal feet the roof raises 10 feet. Another way to look at it is for every 10 feet the roof raises there is 12 horizontal feet. On average roof pitches range from 4/12 to 8/12 with more extreme pitches being at 12/12. Low pitch home’s were more common in the 1960’s and 1970’s while intricate, modern design home tend to have greater slopes, sometimes as much as 14/12 or more.

Contemporary style homes and commercial/ industrial buildings with a pitch of 3/12 or less require rolled roofing that is either self adhering or torched down. Asphalt roofing shingles are meant to shed water, not withstand “pooling” water. A watertight seal is necessary to allow for slow drainage or “standing” water. Some standing seam metal roofs can also be used on roofs with a pitch less than 3/12 where water will drain off too slow for traditional shingles.

For homes and businesses with a roof pitch of 4/12 or greater asphalt and composite roofing shingles are a perfect choice. Affordable and durable, asphalt roofing shingles are still the number one choice of over 95% of homeowners in America. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors and when installed properly can provide long lasting protection as well as increased home value. Another excellent choice, although not as popular is metal roofing. The installation of a metal roof can be much more expensive initially but can provide longer lasting durability, fire and wind resistance over time.

Finally for structures with a roof pitch of 5/12 or greater cedar shake, slate or tile shingles can be installed. These types of roofing material do not seal or lock together and are more susceptible to water leakage than asphalt, composite or metal roofing. For this reason they rely more upon a greater roof pitch to effectively shed water. Keep in mind that these designations are not necessarily exclusive to each roofing type, for example roll roofing is commonly used on low slope roofing but can also be used on a steep pitched roof if you desire.

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Rochester NY Roof Repair


Rochester NY has seen more than its fair share of rain during the spring and summer months of 2017. With every rain storm that rolls in you may find yourself in a state of panic if you have been putting off a much needed roof repair. Most roof repairs start off small and can cost hundreds of dollars to fix, but if left untreated can grow into a costly fix of several thousand dollars. A roof repair that seems expensive now will only grow over time which means more money out of your pocket and more damage to your home.

A simple roof repair can easily turn into a roofing system that is no longer able to resist wind and rain, resulting in damage to your roof decking and insulation. Wet roof decking and insulation can cause mold and mildew in your home’s attic or crawlspace, becoming a health hazard. Unless you want to deal with mold, fallen interior ceiling or a possible roof collapse, now is the time to fix that leaky roof. In some cases a major storm or severe weather can cause the need for a roof repair, but other times the roof is just old and in need of a roof replacement.

Whether you are in need of a simple roof repair or complete roof tear off, there is more than just the cost to be considered when selecting a roofing contractor. Make sure to choose a roofer with a long standing reputation for quality work in your community and who is fully insured with workman’s comp and liability insurance. Check for online reviews of satisfied customers and ask your roofer questions about your roof repair to ensure they have the knowledge to fix it properly. Question whether or not the work will be sub contracted out and if not, are the shingle applicators factory certified to ensure the installations meets warranty standards. Make sure the owner will be inspecting the work once it is completed for quality control. Most importantly make certain your roofing company provides you with a personal workmanship warranty, as a manufacturer’s warranty will not cover a roof repair or an improperly installed roof replacement.

Roof repairs and sometimes roof replacements can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance so contact your insurance provider before you start calling roofing companies in Rochester NY. Always get more than one estimate and be sure to compare apples to apples. If one estimate seems to good to be true…..they are probably not providing you with quality materials, installation and warranty. If you need help finding your way through a much needed roof repair or replacement call the professionals at Ron Ferris and Son Roofing today at 585-288-0895 or visit our website to schedule a free roofing estimate.