How to Attach Things to Vinyl Siding

So you’ve got vinyl siding and you’d like to attach something to it without causing damage.. well here’s what the experts do!

1. Allow for movement – we cannot stress enough at Ron Ferris & Son you must allow vinyl siding to move because it typically expands and contracts 1/4″ per 12 feet. If you don’t allow vinyl siding to move it will most likely buckle and warp under the pressure.

2. Caulk any holes – if you drill a hole through vinyl siding caulk the hole up with clear silicone or color matched caulking.

3. Use vinyl siding mounting accessories if possible – There are several vinyl siding accessories available. The most common are called J-BLOCKS and they are typically used to mount lights to a wall with vinyl siding on it. Check with your local vinyl siding supplier to see what accessories are available for your specific type of vinyl siding. You can also search vinyl siding mounting to find aftermarket solutions.

4. For a custom solution you can remove any give area with a vinyl siding removal tool and mount the item directly to the wall. Then install j-channel around the item and re-install your vinyl siding.

At Ron Ferris & Son we strongly recommend you keep a small amount of vinyl siding on hand after your new siding installation. You never know when you may need a piece or two for a repair! For all your siding and roofing needs call us at 585-288-0895 or visit our site @!


Picking the RIGHT Siding Contractor in Rochester NY!

Siding Contractor Rochester NYPicking the right siding contractor in Rochester NY can be a daunting task but if you follow some basic guidelines, you dramatically increase your odds of picking the right contractor the first time.

At Ron Ferris & Son, we know every person and every home has its own unique needs. We also know that every siding contractor in Rochester NY and the services they provide can be completely different from one another. The right siding contractor is out there waiting for you with the right siding products for the right price.

Some important things to look for when selecting a siding contractor in Rochester are;

1) Is the contractor being considered fully insured with workmens comp and liability insurance?

2) Be sure to collect work references and then check them!

3) Get 3 fully itemized written (not verbal) estimates

4) Compare all of the estimates apples to apples – Don’t ever sacrifice quality for savings – It will hurt you in the long run!

5) Follow your gut!

At Ron Ferris & Son we are fully insured and always give you a written fully itemized estimate. We take great pride in our work and promise to give our customers exactly what they need! For a free estimate give us a call at 585-288-0985 or visit our website for more information!

How to Get the Best Deal in Town on Vinyl Siding – By Ron Ferris & Son

As many vinyl siding contractors in Rochester NY have discovered, you can pay a lot for a vinyl siding installation, but you don’t have to! Other vinyl siding consumers have paid a lot for vinyl siding in Rochester NY only to received sub-standard installations and low quality materials.

At Ron Ferris & Son, we are going to show you a guaranteed best method to get the best deal in town on vinyl siding from the best vinyl siding contractors in Rochester NY who use only the highest quality materials. These steps include;

1) Learn how much vinyl siding materials cost online

2) measure your homes exterior

3) Get 3 fully itemized estimates in writing

4) Compare estimates apples to apples

5) Check to see if the vinyl siding contractor being considered is registered with consumer review agencies such as BBB, BCB, and Angie’s List

6) Ask for references and then check them

7) Pick the estimate, price, and company that’s right for you! DON’T be pressured by a salesman!

At Ron Ferris & Son we cannot emphasize enough to always get a fully itemized written estimate. Compare your vinyl siding estimates by Material Grade and whats included. If it isn’t in writing, DON’T expect it! This includes a salesman number on the back of a business card or being provided with vague written bids with no details. GET IT IN WRITING!

At Ron Ferris & Son you can be sure to get a fully itemized estimate every time! You never have to deal with a salesman because you always work directly with an owner before, during and after the job! Currently we will beat any of our main competitors in the Greater Rochester Area by $500! Call us for a free estimate today! 585-288-0895