Roofing Ventilation and FAQ’s Rochester NY

When it comes time for a roof replacement in Rochester NY, roofing ventilation may not always be a the forefront of your priority list; with more emphasis on details like shingle color choice, drip edge metal, roof decking and roof flashings- adequate roofing ventilation is all too often overlooked. What good is a new lifetime roofing system if the shingles and roof decking fail prematurely from a lack of a properly balanced attic ventilation system. Most ice dams and winter roof leaks can also be associated with improper roofing ventilation and attic insulation, not improper roofing installations. When we discuss roofing ventilation with our clients there are 5 frequently asked questions that seem to be common inquiries.

1- Why do I need attic and roof ventilation?  A properly balanced roofing ventilation system will reduce heat build up in your attic and roof decking in the summer, moisture during the winter and help prevent ice damming during heavy Rochester NY snow storms. All of these processes help prolong the life of your new roof, roof decking and rafters; as well as increasing the comfort levels in your home and decreasing utility bills. While it may appear that the removal of summer time heat is the biggest advantage, it is actually the control of water vapor in the winter months that will prevent mold, rot and a decreased r value in attic insulation.

2- how much roofing ventilation do I need?  The starting point for any proper roofing ventilation system is to measure the length and width of the attic floor and figure the square footage of the floor. The code minimum for adequate roofing ventilation is: 1 sq ft of net free area of venting for every 150 sq ft of floor space. In the opinion of Ron Ferris and Son Roofing this formula is acceptable unless you have a roof with a greater pitch that may cause the volume of attic air that needs to be ventilated.

3- what is the proper way to ventilate a roof? A properly flowing roof ventilation system should have an Intake and Exhaust. What this means is that an equal amount of net free area should be installed in the soffits/ overhangs at the roofs lowest bottom edge as an intake and again at the roofs peak with roofing vents. This allows dry, cool air to enter the attic space at its lowest point and push any warm, moist air out through the roof vents. A truly proper system will have a balance of 50% intake and 50% exhaust.

4- The more roof vents I install is better, right? While it is okay to exceed the recommended amounts of net free area of ventilation, it is never okay to use or mix more than one type of roof vent. This can cause a short circuit of sorts in your ventilation system. Airflow is meant to follow the path of least resistance from the bottom of the roof edge to the roof peak and out. When you combine different types of  exhaust venting and place them at various heights on the roof line they will actually work against each other and exhaust vents can begin to function as intake vents pulling in hot air from the roof line and trapping warm, moist air in your home. Intake vents however are okay to combine various forms of venting.

5- How do I vent my house if it has different height peaks everywhere? While it is okay to vent multiple peaks that run parallel or at angles with each other, the rule for peaks of different heights is; any peaks or ridges more than 3 feet apart, than only the highest peak is to be vented. The reason for this is the same as installing multiple types of roof vents at different heights. The higher elevated vents will begin to pull air in through the lower vents instead of exhausting it. It is best to seperate attic spaces with plywood or plastic sheeting to create different distinct areas to be vented.

If you have any additional questions about incorporating proper roofing ventilation in your new roof in Monroe County or Wayne County, contact our owner today. He will personally meet with you and discuss a plan that will meet your individual needs and budget. Call us today @ 585-288-0895 and schedule your free roofing estimate!

Roofing Rochester NY and Low Slope Roofing Services

roofing rochester nyIf you currently have or plan on installing a flat roof or low slope roof in Rochester NY you may require various roofing services and maintenance during it’s lifetime that a pitch roof will not. The importance of first finding a roofing contractor that is experienced and certified in low slope installations is above all else. The highest quality flat roofing materials are meaningless if improperly installed. Make sure the roofing company you choose can provide you with referrals of other flat roof owners they have helped.

Do not be fooled by a less qualified roofer who may try to convince you that it is okay to install roofing shingles on a low slope roof if you apply an ice and water barrier underneath the shingles. This is wrong!  Roofing shingles and underlayments are designed and manufactured to “shed” water which requires some pitch. They are not designed to hold out “pooling” water. In a situation with little to no slope(flat) water will pond and seep back under the shingles and cause damage to your home’s interior. This problem will only be amplified when winter sets in and ice damming occurs.

To properly shed water from a flat or low slope roof a top sheet needs to be applied with some form of adhesive or hot tar rather than fasteners so that “ponding” water can be directed to a roof drain or rain gutters and not get under the top sheet of roofing material. A proper base or mid ply must be adhered directly to an acceptable roof deck in order to provide REAL long term protection and comply with warranty standards.

Maintenance is of the up most importance when it comes to flat or low slope roofs. Keeping drains and gutters free of debris like sticks and leaves could mean the difference between years of headache free protection and a serious leak that could have easily been avoided. Most roofing companies offer roof maintenance programs which include cleaning roof drains and inspecting any roof flashing, caulking or seams in the flat roofing material. A well maintained low slope roof will last years longer than a neglected one.

It may be possible to repair your existing flat roof but that will depend greatly upon the age of the roof and the specific materials that were used in the original installation.  If your flat roof is aging but still have some life to go, a flat roof restoration may be possible. An elastomeric, fiberized aluminum coating is applied to the entire roof surface to restore your flat roof to a newer state. Tis option is faster, easier and cheaper than a full roof replacement but fails to uncover potential leaks or damage in roof decking and flashing.

All low slope roofs from residential to commercial will eventually require roofing service to either repair or replace the roof. Performing small repairs and regular maintenance are the key to making a quality low slope roofing system stand the test of time. Above all else is the importance of hiring a reputable roofing company that specializing in flat roofing, is properly insured to perform roofing and has a longstanding record of quality roofing installations backed by superior customer service should any problem or defect ever arise.

Give our owner a call today to learn more about roofing in Rochester NY @ 585-288-0895 or request your roof replacement estimate online!

Roofing Penfield NY

Roofing Penfield NY, The Pro’s & Con’s of Asphalt Roofing

If you are in need of a new roof in Penfield NY you may be unsure of what your best residential roofing options are. Today we will discuss the most common roofing material used to cover pitched roofs nationwide; asphalt roofing shingles also known as composition shingles. Roofing industry estimates claim four out of five homes in the U.S. are covered with asphalt shingles. There are two kinds of roofing shingles – fiberglass and organic mat, but both are made from asphalt. Fiberglass shingles incorporate a fiberglass mat while organic mat have a fiber mat made from wood products. Fiberglass shingles are usually thinner and weigh less than organic mat shingles so they are easier to carry and have a better fire rating. Some roofers say organic shingles perform better in colder weather. Replacing a roof with asphalt shingles has several advantages but is not free of drawbacks. Here are the pro’s and con’s:;

Lots of Variety
Long warranties
Easy to install
Easy to repair
Excellent fire resistance
100 year proven track record in North America
Very durable
Low maintenance

Absorbs and holds heat
Can easily be damaged or blown off by high winds if installed improperly
Easily damaged by mildew in shady areas
Do not last as long as metal, slate or tile roofs
Improper attic ventilation can severely reduce a shingle’s life expectancy

As you can see the benefits of choosing asphalt shingles for your roofing tear off in Penfield NY by far out weigh the cons. The majority of malfunctions in an asphalt roofing system can be prevented if a certified roofing professional installs your new roof in compliance with shingle manufacturer installation techniques. To learn more about our roofing company in Penfield NY or your residential roofing options call the pros at Ron Ferris

Customer Referrals and Roofing Contracting in Rochester NY

2014 has brought Ron Ferris and Son Roofing a lot of calls from neighbors, relatives, teachers, friends and co workers of past clients. We love this! A customer referral is the best compliment we can get and often times gives a prospective client the extra confidence to choose RFS.  Thank  you Rochester NY for continuing to choose and recommend our roofing services. We want to be the best and to hear how we helped make your roofing project go as smoothly as possible. And we want you to tell everyone.

We have been roofing Rochester NY for over 30years but we still never get tired of hearing how we did an acquaintances roof 5 years ago and they are still raving about our services and how great theirnew roof in Webster NY looks. A good reputation is a key element to our success and we have worked hard to build ours. Exceeding our client’s needs is our goal. We listen and learn about our clients individual needs and make sure that from our first meeting you are made to feel like our only customer! You can call the office today and schedule a free roofing estimate or online at our main site.


If we have made your roofing services in Rochester NY hassle free, helped you make the most cost effective decisions and  given you a fantastic new roof then we have done our job. We want you to expect a great experience with RFS from the start! We are family owned and operated from our owner Ron Ferris Jr, to his office manager(and wife)Darlene, to his son, nephews and grandson who are Shingle Master Applicators for RFS.
So forget about the high pressure salesman and subcontractor nightmares. Deal directly with our owner and in house applicators and ensure complete client satisfaction with RFS. Find out why so many of our happy customers have referred us to their friends and family. Call today at585-288-0895 for a roofing contractor in Rochester NY or 315-524-8924 for roofing Wayne County NY or visit us online at to request your free roofing estimate online.

Roofing Rochester NY and Choosing the Best

Performing a roof tear off in Rochester NY is a huge project and not one to be taken for granted. After all  a quality roofing system and installation are the only thing protecting you from the elements. When you want to hire the best roofing Rochester NY has to offer who knows their profession inside and out, call the pros at Ron Ferris and Son. We are Rochester’s roofing expert and provide a level of quality and experience unparalleled by any other roofing contractor. I’m  sure that’s what you want when replacing your roof in Webster, NY
Not only do we have decades of experience that other Rochester NY roofing companies don’t, but we offer only superior residential roofing options from Certainteed . Certainteed has offered only the best in roofing supplies for over one hundred years. This is the kind of company you want standing behind your new roof in Rochester NY. Ron Ferris and Son is an authorized  SHINGLE MASTER COMPANY through Certainteed. This means we are qualified to provide our clients with the best roofing warranty in the business. To have such esteemed credentials here at RFS we employ Shingle Master Applicators and  Shingle Quality Specialists both of which have been factory trained,tested and certified with Certainteed. We always abide by a strict code of ethics and professional practices. Our Rochester NY roofing services are fully insured and we have been serving the greater Rochester area for over 30 years.

Aside from our training we have our reputation and decades of satisfied customers:

Jamie from Webster NY writes “I called Ron Ferris and Son because I wanted a quality job and they had done a great job on my parent’s roof.”

Michael and  Andy from Victor wrote ” We were concerned about getting a new roof installed and already had a couple of estimates. A friend suggested I called Ron Ferris and Son before I sign anything. I am so glad I did. The crew is fast, courteous and left my yard spotless. We will definitely recommend them in the future”

We get the job done right, fast and professionally. Do your research and you will see why RFS is the only one to call when it comes to roofing Rochester NY. Get several estimates and meet directly with your roofing contractor. Then meet with our owner Ron Ferris Jr and you will see in no time why he is your top choice. He is informative and patiently explains all of your residential asphalt roofing options. Ron will go over all of the ins and outs of a typical roofing job and let you know exactly what you are purchasing and what you can expect from RFS.
Our customer feedback and credentials say it best. We strive daily to not only meet but exceed our customers expectations. For over 30years we have been a premier roofing company in Rochester NYand continue to stand strong. We have dozens more reviews online on sites such as Angieslist who has rated us as one of the top service providers for roofing in the Rochester NY area. We also hold an A+ rating with the BBB and BCB. Call us here at the office today and schedule your free roofing estimate or request your free roofing estimate online at


Roofing Estimate Wayne County NY

What exactly are the costs of a new roof in Wayne County NY and how can you get a roofing estimate in Walworth NY with a detailed breakdown of the roofing services and materials you are buying? That is a tough question to answer. A lot will depend on the asphalt shingles and underlayments you choose and how many squares of material will be necessary to complete your roof job. Whether you have a roof leak in Walworth NY or need a roof repair in Webster NY, the cost of asphalt roofing continues to rise daily.

Years ago America had access to cheap raw materials and this was great news for the residential roofing industry. But as years have gone by oil prices have risen and demand has caused the importing of raw materials to be a necessity. Every time oil prices increase so do asphalt shingles prices. The cost of raw materials, production, research and development, and trucking has all gone up and there is really no end in sight.


That’s why putting off calling a roofing contractor in Wayne County NY makes no sense.

Not only are you risking interior and structural damage as well as mold but waiting will only increase the overall cost of roofing materials and labor.

Call the pros at RFS today! Our roofing company in Wayne County NY has been helping homeowners for over 30 years. We are family owned and operated and never use subcontractors. Our in house installers are factory trained and certified, allowing us to provide our clients with one of the most comprehensive Lifetime Roofing Warranties. All of our roofing systems are also backed by our personal workmanship guarantee. Our owner Ron Ferris Jr will meet with you directly to discuss your new roof in Macedon NY and all of your residential or commercial roofing options. We are fully insured for roofing and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Find us on Angieslist and see why so many people have voted us as one of the greater Rochester areas top service providers for roofing Rochester NY

So call today for your free roofing estimate in Wayne county NY At 315-524-8924 or request your free roofing estimate online at

Roofing Irondequoit NY

Welcome to our Irondequoit NY roofing blog with RFS. Today we performed a roofing tear off in Irondequoit NY. We reinstalled a lifetime roofing system by Certainteed. Certainteed Winterguard ice and water shield and synthetic felt were used to waterproof and protect our roof decking. Then we applied a black  Certainteed Landmark series asphalt roofing shingle and vented the roof and attic space with a Shinglevent 2 ridgevent 

To make sure our client’s new roof complied with all roofing manufacturers warranty requirements. We enjoy roofing in Rochester NY because the homes are absolutely beautiful.

The client’s home had 3 existing layers of roofing over a plywood deck so we performed a complete roofing tear off, so we could make sure all decking and roof flashing were acceptable befor installing a new roof. Our Rochester NY roofing company came highly recommended by the Certainteed shingle manufacturing company as one of the best roofers in Irondequoit. Our team members are all subjected to a comprehensive test as well as on the job training to become Master Shingle Applicators. This is one of the highest credentials available to roofing installers nationwide.

The owners and installers of our roofing company take great pride in the products we sell and install. Your home is a huge investment and the roof is the most important part. It protects everything so why trust it to any one but the best? Why trust it to anyone but the pros at RFS? Hire a roofer who will install a high quality roofing system that will quietly protect everything inside your property from water damage. Hire RFS today! 

To learn more about roofing Rochester NY or request a free roofing estimate call us today @ 288-0895 or visit us online at

Roofing Contractor In Fairport NY

Winter roofing Penfield NY has always been a tough challenge during the cold winter season. At RFS  we do our best to be prepared to make sure we are there when our clients need our roofing services in Rochester NY the most. Most people don’t think you can perform a quality roofing installation in Webster NY but that is untrue. Today shingles are constructed on fiberglass matting and saturated asphalt is mixed with lime dust, not stone dust making today’s shingles more pliable. This allows for installation of a new roof in Victor, NY even in the coldest winter months.

We do not recommend the use of pneumatic roofing nail guns when temperatures reach below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The roofing materials in Rochester, NY may not seal properly until spring, so we hand nail 6 nails per shingle. This is commonly referred to as “storm nailing” and will prevent any wind damage from occurring until the shingles can properly seal.

Most home owners appreciate that our roofing company in Fairport, NY works in the winter to stop water damage from ice dams. We can perform a roof repair Rochester NY if necessary until spring or keep the roof shoveled in Webster, NY done for you

You can rest assure that once we start a new roof in Brighton, NY we stay until it is completed, even during the winter. Sometimes it may be necessary for our roofing contractor Penfield, NY to return in the spring when the snow is clear to make we got any roofing nails hidden in the snow.

At RFS our roofing installers are factory trained and certified and we have over 30 years experience roofing through the hardest Rochester, NY winters and ice storms.

Our clients are very important to us especially during the winter months when snow and ice cause roof leaks Rochester, NY. We  do offer roof shoveling services in Rochester, NY which greatly reduce your risk of water damage.

Protect your home and call the pros today @ RFS. For more info on Rochester winter roofing call us @ (585) 288-0895 or request a free roof estimate @

Roofing Pittsford NY Offers Lifetime Warranty

Roofing contractor in Pittsford NY, RFS offers a lifetime warranty on all complete Integrity Roofing Systems. To qualify our Webster NY roofing company must perform a complete roofing tear off to ensure an acceptable decking and roof flashing are present. Adequate roofing ventilation is also required to meet roofing shingle manufacturer warranty standards. To make sure your project meets these requirements we install both soffit vents and Shinglevent 2 ridgevents for proper air flow.

RFS uses Certainteed brand roofing materials which are the best in the world and offer the strongest guarantees. Certainteed  asphalt roofing shingles are engineered to better protect your investment. In 2010 Certainteed upgraded the warranty on its 30 year architectural roofing shingles. As a credentialed Shingle Master Company we can actually offer our clients a non prorated 50 year warranty these Certainteed Landmark laminate shingles.
This is great news for homeowners in search of roofing Rochester NY. Imagine not having to worry about your new roof in Penfield NY for decades to come. As part of our Integrity Roofing System we cover all roofing eaves and valleys with ice and water shield. We also match your roofing drip edge metal to your new roofing shingles and paint all pipe flashings to correspond with your new roof. We always go the extra step as the best roofer Rochester NY to make sure your new roof looks great! With thousands of satisfied customers for over 30 years and extensive residential roofing knowledge, we present our clients with only the best roofing services Fairport NY has to offer.
We will take care of everything. If you are ready for a roof replacement in Rochester NY or want to know ” how much does a new roof cost” call the roofing pros today at 585-288-0895 or visit our main site and request a free roofing estimate online at



2014 New Roofing Costs In Rochester NY

 How much does a new roof cost in Rochester NYInstalling a new roof in Rochester NY in 2014 can be a significant expense and is not a home improvement project to be taken lightly. The size of the roofing project and the desired roofing materials to be used will be the key contributors in forming a budget for your new roof. Other factors that can increase costs are deteriorated roof decking, molded roof decking and soffit or fascia repairs and replacement. This is common when roofs are let go too long past their life expectancy or a leak has persisted for a long period of time. This can not only endanger the structural integrity of your home but also the curb appeal and market value.
Now that we have identified our need for a new roof and evaluated the roof decking for replacement lets start to break down some of the factors your Rochester NY roofing contractor will consider when preparing a roofing estimate.

        – size and shape of the roof

        – roof pitch

        – material costs

        – labor costs

        – waste removal costs

       – cost of any roofing accessories

       – workers compensation and general liability 

These are just the bare basics and many other things can come into play when properly installing a lifetime roofing system that will last for decades. Another important aspect that is all too commonly overlooked when replacing an old roof is adequate roofing ventilation. The your soffits and roof  MUST be vented to promote cooler more consistent roof decking temperatures. This will make your new roofing system last longer and help prevent ice damming in Rochester NY. It is also mandatory if your new roof is to comply with any roofing manufacturer warranties. If it is not possible to install soffit vents than you may want to consider an active system like a power fan which actively pulls air from attic spaces.

As you can see the specifics of a roofing estimate can quickly become overwhelming. That is why it is impossible to estimate how much anew roof will cost without evaluating your specific need and project. Your best bet is to call the pros at RFS today! Our owner Ron Ferris Jr will meet with you for a free roofing estimate. Our Rochester NY roofing company  can assess your needs and perform a roof repair or roofing tear off if necessary. Call the pros today at 585-288-0895 or request your free roofing estimate online at