Roofing In Wayne County NY

A  roof’s shape not only affects the overall deign of a building, but can also be a key component in the cost of replacing a roof in Wayne County. A home with multiple slopes, valleys, dormers and peaks can produce striking curb appeal but often requires a skilled roofer and added man hours. An awareness of basic roof shapes can help you when evaluating the difficulty of a specific roof and the additional time and price involved. When it comes to roof shapes the following three categories include the most commonly used roof shapes found in structures both past and present.

Gable Roof Construction in Walworth NY

This most popular roof shape can take several forms and has become the foundation for
many  different home styles. A triangular shape that results from equal planes falling from a ridge line is what makes a gable roof. Gambling can be front, cross or side distinctions based on the placement of the  front of the structure in relation to the roof peak and plane. Variations of the gable roof shape use elements of the triangular structure but don’t form a true triangle. Obvious elements of the gabled roof are present in the shed and barn roof, and this is why they are classified as gable roofs. A shed roof uses one side of the gable while a barn roof begins with a regular gable triangle and switches to a steeper pitch.

Hip Roofing Installation in Macedon NY 

Four  sloping sides equal in both length and height are what make up the hip roof shape. Hip roofs can generally be found in a pyramid shape or hipped with a flat ridge at the top instead of a point. A variation of the hipped roof can be used to add roofing dormers to a gable or hipped roof design.

Flat Roofing Wayne County NY 

Simplicity in design and construction are apparent in a flat roof. Shape simply does not exist, but many of the challenges that come with installing other forms of roofing don’t exist either. A roof must have no slope other than for proper water drainage to be considered a flat roof. The materials used to construct and waterproof a flat roof  are very different and often times don’t last as long as asphalt roofing shingles.

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Roof Drain Installation : Great Option for Flat Roofs By Ron Ferris & Son

First off, Roof drain installation should be performed by a trained roofing professional.

Whether you own a home or business with a flat roof you will need to choose an option to quickly and effectively remove water from your roof.

Standing water can cause several problems. The growth of moss and mold are the least of your problems. Standing water will break down the outer protective finish on flat roofing materials. Flat roofing coating and seems (especially if installed improperly.) A twenty foot by twenty foot area with one inch of water weighs one ton. Your roofing system and decking is not designed to hold this kind of weight over a long period of time.

Roofing Rochester NYThere are several options on how to remove water from a flat or low slope roof. Gutters and downspouts are very common on residential flat roofs. Water follows the slope of the roof to the gutter and down the spout away from the house. This method however requires maintenance to avoid clogged downspouts.

A roof drain is another option. By using this method water is directed through a series of pipes internally. That is why it is paramount that proper roof drain installation is performed by a professional flat roofer. Is your roof drain or internal pipes leak, it can cause extensive damage to your underlying roof deck and buildings interior.

However a roof drain properly installed in a flat roof or low slope roof can be an extremely effective means to avoid standing water on your roof. If you need an expert roofer in Rochester NY to help you with this give us a call at 585-288-0895 or visit our site for more information!